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Which works better for back pain, Voltaren pills or gel?

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chuck1957 18 Nov 2017

martha; Really we are all different and what works the best for one could be one of the other for someone else. But for me, It has always been the old standby TABLETS but you must make sure you protect your stomach with some food just to be safe if you're going to be on it for any length of time. I have had really no luck with the other forms. Good luck to you. Try to take it at about the same time as it says on the bottle and take it for at least a few weeks so the anti-inflammatory get to take effect the pain part helps pretty quick but you want it to stay in your system so it has time to shrink the swelling be it in the joints or wherever. Hope that will help you. good luck and have a nice weekend.

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bestpup 18 Nov 2017

I too agree with Chuck.
I have tried the Voltaren cream and the Voltaren pills. If you take the Voltaren cream you must use the guidance ruler that the cream comes with and it must be applied 4 times a day.
Whereas if you're taking the Voltaren tablets not only are the pills easier to take by mouth but they also come in an ER (extended release) form.
If needed I can take one 100ER mg tablet per day by mouth twice a day.
Once again as Chuck stated we're all different and what works for one person might not work for someone else. It's simply a matter of choice.
Feel better soon!
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