I was injured at work over two years ago and am being treated by wc insurance. I have an attorney. I have had two spinal fusions that did not work, also all conservative treatments-facet injections, epidurals, nerve blocks, etc.
I also have ADD and anxiety that I take medication for. I had this prior to injury but now have severe depression from chronic pain that is result of injury. I also have permanent nerve damage in my left leg that is documented in files from test performed by wc doctor. WC has denied mental health treatment referrals from three of their doctors. I have been through all treatment options and am currently not being treated at all. I have had FCE done that stated I cannot even do part time sedimentary work. My doctors, ortho surguen independent doctor and pain management, agreed and told me I will not be able to return to any type of work. My attorney said my injury is catastrophic and doctors have agreed in writing. I am confused if I should apply for SSDI now. My wc attorney is telling me to wait and settle work injury case and then apply. From what I have read, it takes a long time to get SSDI approved. My other concern is that I have been told that I may not be approved because of my age, 40, and I have a two year degree. I am not getting any treatment from wc insurance and want to get SSDI started and hopefully approved so I can get medical and mental health treatment. I have verified that I have enough credits from working but have not applied due to my wc attorney advice. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated. As time goes on, my physical and mental health is getting worse.
Should I wait until wc case settles or begin process for SSDI.