I have been prescribed adderall 10mg IR for a couple months now. I am still trying to figure out the best schedule for taking it. I start work at 6am and go to class later until around 6pm. My problem is that I get really moody at work while on it and it really doesn't last too long before I start to get that mind drained feeling where I am just really quiet and each time I take it throughout the day it is less effective. I expressed this to my doctor so she put me on 20mg XR twice a day which lasts a little longer but still when it starts to wear off after a few hours my mind just feels drained and I don't talk or focus at all. If I take this in the morning I am drained by noon and still have classes/hw the rest of the day even if I take my second dose. I feel it for a little bit but it goes away quickly and my face starts to get extremely flushed. Because of this I requested to go back to the 10mg IR's and just use as needed which I never use them at work anymore. It is better but I have to do everything right each day to get it to work the way I would like without the bad comedown full of anxiety. And what I mean by that is what time I get up, what time I go to bed, what time I take the meds, what I eat, am I eating constantly, and stuff like that. It is quite a pain to keep track of with my schedule. Does anyone have any advice? And I heard good things about vyvanse. The thing is that you have to take it in the morning or you won't sleep and like I said with adderall I was getting really moody and my bosses were starting to notice. And if I were to get on vyvanse and take it in the morning how long would it last? Since I have classes until the evening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!