When I started work with the company, I started working ABCD shift (4-shift rotation), which was very difficult for me! I start evening shift on wed, 3pm-11pm for 7 dys, wednesday-tuesday. Then off work 2 days (wed-thur). Go back to work on day shift friday, 7am -3pm (fri-thur). The next day, friday at 11pm I would start 7 days graveyard shift, (11pm-7am), (fri- thur), that's the loong stretch--wrk 14 straight days in 2 different shifts! It was good though, because we were off friday 7am -wed 3pm and start over with eve shift again. It would take all month to get that "mini" vacation, but it was fun cuz i could really plan a vacation every month if I wanted.5.5 days off at end of month and 2 days off in middle of month. I was always the most tired on day shift, especially at 9:00am. It was torture to wwork day shift! the purpose of the 4 shift is the area could work 24 hrs a day w/o shutting down. After I transferred to another area, I started working XYZ shift (M-F), with weekends off! Same hour rotations 5days of day shift (7am-4pm),eve shift (3pm-11pm),and 5 dys graveyard shift (11pm - 7am), The months flew by working 4 shifts;
the company went tthrough job-cut backs the same time I my doctor took me out for short term disablity. I was having chronic feet and low back pain for the past 4 or 5 years. When they cut out my job I had weight restrictions and they said they had no job for me. so I was released for short term disability. They said would call me back when they found a job I could do w/o any wt. restrictions. dys went to months, months turned into years. I still always have sleeping problems. It is 6:30 am and I havent slept yet. I still get very sleepy in the morning times 9am-11 am. I seem to feel more awake and have more energy during the late afternoons and evenings??? I have been on Provigil for 3 yrs and when Nuvigil came out my dr. recommended that for me because it is time released and I only take 1 250 mg per day. Ir works so well for me. too. I've been on nuvigil for 2.5 more years. total 51/2 years total on them back to back. NOW my insurance company has new add'l prior-authorization question packet. My doctor said the questions all relate to working shift work presently and I am out on disability for past 8 years. I have still always been treated for sleep problems during the 8 years I have been out on disablity. I was told that once you work shift work for more than 3 or 4 years that your sleep pattern is usually always messed up. I know mine has always been sleepy in mornings and energetic late afternoons until some times all nite ( like last nite--now) most nights I make myself go to bed at 2:00 am. I most time fall asleep ( trying different meds throughout the past years of course) about 3-4 am. I will sleep not well for only about 4-5 hours. I am so tired of not being able to get a good nights' sleep. then I am sleepy when I have kids and animals to take care of in the mornings. I fall asleep standing up throughout the house. I really started hurting myself on m ceramic tile floor. I discussed with my dr. and that is how I got to this point 5 years ago. The provigil and nuvigil both work so well. I don;t even feel medicated. I just don't fall asleep while standing anymore getting bruised up. but it looks like insurance is demanding more paperwork and my dr. said he doesn't =have enough manpower to keep dealing with all insurances phone calls, lengthly paper work for all his patients. This same thing happened a few years ago. I get stuck in the middle... insurance wont pay, dr. won't will out forms, and Im the one that always gets screwed! I have a prescription now but I can't afford to fill it. By the way, the generic provigil costs almost the same and both more than the nuvigil. I check yesterday and provigil and generic were both over $1000 dollars. Can you belive that? Nuvigil I think is about 850 dollars. I am sick of the insurance companies telling us what we can take and what we can't take. Why are we even paying to see a doctor every month?? ridiculous!

So My question is: Does Shift work mess-up your sleep pattern permantly for some or all people for the rest of their life? Even if they are no longer working sshift work or no longer working at all? That was why I was able to have it prescribed to me in the first place. Now I don;t know. I am so mad about this. I've been taking one of the other for over 5 years and now because my dr (whom I been to for 8 yrs) can't get involved this time. He doesn;t compare it with some other meds he probably HAS to fight about to keep some patients alive, I guess. I'd just be just taking to stay awake and stop falling asleep standing up! Oh well... Any suggestions?? now that I have bored you to death. I could still go on but I think I'm getting tired now! It's 7:15 am. I went to bed at 1:30 am last night. every nite I hve to ttry to hurry up and get to bed so I can try to fall asleep! I hate the routine. At least I did stop taking sleeping pillls. They would guarantee me being up all night eating ice cream , candy, driving to store, then standing up sleeping killing myself!! Like in the movies... just fall straight back or into the wall, wake up in my closet or bathroom sleeping on the counter top--leaning face first on counter not climbing on it. I would wake up with icecream all over my sheets. I look in trash can and see about 15 Reese cup empty wrappers, thats scary too. I starve all day to lose some weight & having party durring night and not even know it!! until i start seeing evidence!! oh well sweet dreams,