My period usually begins at the beginning of the month around the 6th or 7th. And the end of June around 25 and 26 I had unprotected sex however on the 26 I took the plan b pill which is now just 1 pill. Now ive taken the pill before and I ended up being pregnant and that was 2 years ago. So this time I'm really nervous and anxious because yes I was careless but I think I used plan b in the time period. Well with the 1 dose pill I had all the side effects nausea, cramping, feeling tired oh and how can I forget the yeast infection because of all the hormones. I went to the doctor an spoke with her she mention to me that since I took the plan b so close to my expected period that it might be delayed in a week or so. I was suppose to come on on the 7th of July however I've had personal issues that may delayed it or could be plan b. I'm scared to take a test I'm just gonna wait until the 14 to see if mother nature blesses me this month. Has anyone had a similar experience?