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I work outside for 10 hrs a day in the weather and with live electricity. Is tramadol safe for me?

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DzooBaby 7 Aug 2012

Tramadol is very mild. I think you would be ok. Perhaps the best thing to do is to take it on your day off and see how you react to it. You can decide then whether or not it affects your judgement or performance to complete dangerous tasks like working with live electricity.

jk13 7 Aug 2012

For me personally, even the weak medications will hit me as being pretty strong for the first one or two days. After that, the initial adjustment is over and the medications work in the background. This was my experience with Tramadol. It really is a weak Opioid type medication (slightly less effective than is Codeine), but you never know how you will respond. If I were you, I think that it might be wise to start taking the medication on friday evening (or when you have a couple days off in a row). That way you can have a better understanding as to how Tramadol works with your particular body chemistry.

Hope that this is of some help, and that the Tramadol gives you the help that is needed! Just make sure that if it isn't strong enough or the side effects are problematic by the second day to give your doctor a call. It is extremely common practice to start out with the weakest medications at the lowest dosage, and then move on up until you reach something that works for you.
Best of luck!!

Jeff K

Inactive 7 Aug 2012

A common side effect of tramadol is excessive sweating. I would drink a lot of water while taking it sin e you're outside all day. Maybe add some sports drink with electrolyte replacement occasionally also. Be careful around all that electricity.
Have a great day.
Sweet Hippie

Inactive 7 Aug 2012

Good answers all, but you didn't say why you are taking tramadol or how much during the day. That could make a big difference too. Some people have side effects taking these types of medications, & you need to be very careful that you don't with your job. I also suggest your try it on a weekend or whenever you are not working to see how you react. I am giving you the link to read about it...

Delila 8 Aug 2012

Hi, i agree with the other, try it out when you have a couple of days off. When i first started taking it, it made me feel nauseous and lethargic. It wore off when i got used to them. My mum however never got past these side effects and had to stop taking them. Tramadol can be very good for pain relief. I was prescribed them for a back injury and they definitely helped me get through the days and back to work. Just be warned about the potential for addiction. I 'm just mentioning it in case you aren't aware of the possibility. free discount card

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