I started depo exactly october 25th 2012 and got another shot jan 21st 2013 , was suppose to get my third shot between april 13th - may 1st & I missed it because I didnt want it no more , took about 4-6 months for me to get my period back, I got it back & started using mononessa , but I started taking them wrong on accident , I started missing the active pills for days & one day ill take the active pill , another day ill take the inactive pill , I started taking them I think about the beggining of april , my cycle in jan kame jan 5th , one came feb 3rd, ever since I got my period back my period will come about 6 days early every period but it came 2 days early on feb plus its only 28 days , I been having unprotected sex the whole month of february , could it be the pills thats making my period not come ? or pregnancy ? I havent had no pregnancy signs but my back been hurting , not everyday though & I been cramping but NO period , no type of blood or anything