On 8/12/13 I had appt. With obgyn for pap to get mononessa renewed. After talking with her about some problems she told me to discontinue them immediately and she prescribed a different kind that are more expensive and i havent been able to get them yet. I had been forgetting to take them a few times up to three days at a time and in fact took three on the day before appt. To make up for the previous days. The after appt. and stopping the pill i had some pink spotting. Next day it was a weird mucusy orange color and third day was more than spotting but not a constant flow either. Day four was when my actual period was due but still a very light inconsistant flow and odd orangy color and stopped on day six. My usual period is four days of heavy flow and some spotting on fifth and over by evening of day five. I didn't have any pms like normal before but the very next day after bleeding stopped I started cramping and having sore breasts. And then has continued every day with more symptoms sore nipples and heavy feeling like rocks in my breasts near my nipples, dull headache causing dizzy spells and nausea, lower back pain, super sensitivity to smells and yesterday I started having pinching and tightening in pelvic area very frequent urination. This has lasted for six days now. I had negative pregnancy test and normal pap at obgyn so I was wondering if this is all from stopping mononessa?