Over xmas I had the stomach flu and thought I had pulled a muscle in my back because of it. 1 month later after many dr's visits, physio, the pain was so bad I ended up at emerg and I had abscessed ovaries that had imploded. Emerg surgery, antibiotics galore and now it's a month later and I still have the same pain that started this whole thing. I am starting to get really scared. I asked my surgeon about it, and she doesn't think it's a gynecological issue, my gp put me back on antibiotics, and I am a week into clyndomycin (sp?) but the pain persists. I always feel as if my side is hot, and the muscle feels like it is always spasming. The doctors have felt the spasms, yet I still get the impression that they think it's in my head. I am normally very healthy and well. This is driving me NUTS!