I was 1st diagnosed with live,lung carcinoid in 2000,I was told I had 6-9 months to live,I guess it was based on the amount of tumors I had on my liver,8 to be exact. Anyhow,during the 1st 13 yrs I didn't have any ED problems,matter of fact I had a son in 2007,so obviously my pipes were working just fine..lol..but during the last 3 yrs I haven't been able to achieve any sort of erection and although I'm 55 it's extremely frustrating!! I was wondering if anyone else with carcinoid cancer has had this experience,if so how did to take care of your problem? I seriously looking for answers but as I'm limited to medicaid help is hard to come by.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I know my beautiful wife would definitely appreciate it!
Frustrated in Louisiana,