I took Earl my cat to the vet for his yearly check they suggested that we try Paradyne for him as he was a feral cat for the first 3 years of his life and now he has adopted us and is an indoor/outdoor cat (which we hate and wish he was an indoor only). The vet office applied the first dose of Paradyne to Earl at the office. I notice the next day that he had lost his fur and had red spots at the site that the Paradyne was applied. One of the vets at the office said he is allergic to Paradyne and said bring it back and the other vet said he is fine and to keep using it as it is the best one to protect him from the parasites. Earl is a hiv+ kitty and we love him and want what is best for him as the best protection possible but not that the risk of him being poisoned by something that he is allergic too... Please help me with a neutral answer to if this is a safe product for him.

Thank you so much for your help with this
Earl's proud mommy
Terry Jaeger