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Im just wondering how many people have gained weight from Gabapentin?

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kaismama 10 Jan 2015

You'd probably have a shorter list if you ask how many haven't gained weight on it. I have.

try2heal 10 Jan 2015

How much did you gain? I gained 45 lbs over 2 years. Started on 600, now on 1200mg. Cant tolerate much for my back and sciatic pain and off pain meds now for 8 months. I hate being fat and it hurts my back. How much have people gained and has anyone been able to lose it while still being on this stuff? Was anyone able to lose weight after they stopped the gabapentin and how long did it take. I especially want to hear from menopausal women!

Inactive 10 Jan 2015

I have too, but it's worth it for what I'm taking it for.
I hope you do well on Gabapentin - it is a drug used for many things (besides
Let us know how you are doing and I hope that whatever you are taking it for
helps to curb your pain or whatever you are having a problem with.
Good luck and God bless you.

try2heal 10 Jan 2015

Yes I take it for pain and to heal the pain receptors on my nerves after pain meds. I still have some nasty back injuries and sciatica to deal with. I dont think gaining weight helps the disc injuries and certainly not my self esteem. How much did you gain... did you lose it? Did anyone lose weight after this drug?

Inactive 10 Jan 2015

I have only been on Gabapentin for about 5 months. I gained 10 - 12 pounds,
but, as I said, it's worth the weight gain. I don't think I'm gaining any more
pounds at this point. If the drug is working for you, then don't you worry your
head about weight gain.
Good luck.

try2heal 10 Jan 2015

45 lbs. I cant wear my clothes. Trying everything to lose it while still being on the gabapentin. Not too successful yet. The weight adds to the pain so I dont know how worth it it is. I want to heal my nerves but not suffer so much. Has anyone been able to lose weight on this stuff... or going off it? I feel like the blob!

billywabbit 17 Jul 2015

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