My doctor says I can stay on Suboxone indefinately and I have been taking them in April for 4 yrs. I started out taking about 16mg per day. Now down to about 1mg per day. But I tried to stop taking them back in October, of last yr and thought it was going to be easy. Then I was taking about 2mg. per day. By the third or fourth day I was crying begging my mom to give me money so I could go to the doctor and get some more. I take them to avoid w/drawl but now I cant stop taking these. I finally went to a new Dr. and he asked me if I tried the subutex, which I have not. Well he let me try them and I took the same amount as I do the Sub and I couldnt even go to work. I couldnt drive right. I had a standard car at the time and it seemed like my balance and stuff was off- couldnt get my feet to work right. I couldnt hold my eyes open either. The doctor told me it was the same thing except the sub had something in it for people who use needles. That is not my case. I was taking pain pills for about 7 yrs. and tried to quit countless numbers of times. the sub. helped me for the last 4 yrs. but they are about $4 more expensive than the Subutex. Any suggestions on how I can stop taking them all together or what I can do to switch to the subutex without feeling so wierd and tired and off balance?