Before I start asking questions and giving out information, I would first like to start that I am mainly asking these questions to get a better understanding of birth control and its effectiveness, not for you to tell me if I am pregnant or not because I know you nor I can tell exactly if I am. But I started Viorele birth control about 7 months ago and for the first 5 months I missed a couple here and there and would take them the next morning or took them a couple hours late. But the last month, the current pack I am on, I have taken every active pill either exactly on time or within and hour or 2 later. On the first Friday of the current pack I am on I had sex my my partner and we used a condom but what I am concerned about it the fact he would lose his erection and took the condom off and re applied it when we had sex again, and after he ejaculated, it was on my hand and I touched my vagina after. I feel it could be unlikely considering I have been on birth control for the past 7 months and took this months pack almost perfectly, but I know that it only takes one sperm to get a woman pregnant and didn't know what the chances of the re using of the condom and touching my vagina with seman on my hand would be. We have had sex two times after that, the Friday of the second week and last night (night I took my first sugar pill). He entered my vagina without a condom on for about a minute or two on hay second Friday but did not ejaculate, but I know the risk of precum is possible. I am suppose to have my period sometime this week, and I just have a weird feeling I might because my discharge is really "stringy" and I have never experienced that before and they say one very early sign of pregnancy is change in discharge. Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and I'm not seeking answers to "am I pregnant", I am just looking to see with my circumstances, if the chances are high or seems unlikely. Thank you!