I have been on 1800 mg of neurontin daily for a pseudotumor cerebri I was diagnosed a year ago with that gave me severe head pain, I've alsi been taking 150 xl mg of welbutrin for a long time, years, for antidepressant for an old marrital situation... I've had a recent posterior cervical spinal fusion with instrumentation (rods/screws), this is my 3rd spinal type surger in 18 months. My surgeon put me on 15mg MS Contin 3xday until I go in for follow up alongith 5mg of valium for muscle spasms every 6 hours as needed. I only typically take pain med's after surgery as prescribed and after few months weaned off them. it has been 3 weeks since surgery and after I left hospital went into rehab center for 2 weeks and stayed on all of these med's
with no problem. I've also checked with my neurologist who prescribes me the neurontin for the pseudotumor head pain and she said all the nmed's are ok to take together. I just got a call yesterday from my surgeon's office asking me if I was on any anti-depressants, I said yes, the welbutrin... so they had me check with my family doctor, she's known me for yeas about the welbutrin and MS Contin combination, as there can be a risk of increased seizures in some people. My family doc called me back and said all was fine because I've never had a seizure or have a seizure disorder or have anything that pre-disposes me to seizures etc., so she said all should be fine. I might experience some increased drowsiness from all the combinations, that's prob it. Has anyone ben on all of these before at once or kow if his info sounds corect? I also checked with a couple pharmacists and they basically said the same thing as my family doctor; increased risk of seizures but mostly if you already have a pre-existing condition with them.