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Wondering if I will still be able to do my heavy labor job when I start mavyret in a couple weeks?

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Stephen Treloar 1 Jan 2018

It depends on the side effects and their severity.

From the clinical trials: "The most common adverse reactions, all grades, observed in greater than or equal to 5% of subjects receiving 8, 12, or 16 weeks of treatment with Mavyret were headache (13%), fatigue (11%), and nausea (8%). In subjects receiving Mavyret who experienced adverse reactions, 80% had an adverse reaction of mild severity (Grade 1). One subject experienced a serious adverse reaction." source:

You have only a one in nine chance of suffering from fatigue.

Moonbouncer 1 Jan 2018

Thanks, sounds encouraging. Looking forward to getting it all over with

muzzy828 2 Jan 2018

I have been on Mavyret for eight weeks now, and have had no side effects. Vikera Pak put me in the hospital and Harvoni was equally as bad. Needless to say I was very hesitant to try again. I have been very active and found that I am able to continue with my regular routine. My recent blood work shows that my counts are down and some are undetectable. I have found that taking the medication after I eat supper works the best, since that is when I eat my biggest meal. Best of luck to you!

Moonbouncer 2 Jan 2018

Very happy to hear this. I plan on taking mine at dinner time as well. Hoping to just go to work each day and come home and chill until the next morning. Glad its cold and winter so that hibernating feels good lol. I hear so many bad things about the other treatments that this one seems to be the best one to try first. Just wondering what the long term side effects could be since there was not as long of trials done on it because the FDA allows these new Hep C treatments to be rushed out to the public. Not too many people have completed Mavyret as of yet. We are the first non trial people to do so. I'm just glad its only for 8 weeks. free discount card

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