Okay so me and my girlfriend had sex for the first unprotected and I didn't cum or anything it for like 5 minutes cause I thought about pre-cum and all that stuff on May 26 and like 3 hours later I gave her the pill okay so on June 3 we had unprotected sex again and we did it for like 5 minutes again and I pulled out I kinda had a feeling it was coming so I just said to be safe I'll just cum outside her and then a little later I remember that earlier that morning I had masterbaited so I clean my penis with a tower but I didn't take a shower cause I fell asleep then I woke up and when to school then later around 12 is when we had sex so I was home and I'm thinking since I didn't take a shower cause I woke up late what if I had cum on my penis and I freaked out and gave her the pill like 6 hours later and since then everything has been good till like 5th she started getting period symptoms and today 9th she still hasn't gotten her period she gets around the 7th,8th,9th,10th so what do you think she's pregnant or is this normal ?