... anxiety along with adderall 25mgXR for ADHD and 15mg of remeron for sleep. All is prescribed but new to taking adderall been on adderall close to thirty days. When is the best time to take my Ativan and adderall. I have to take Ativan In the morning at 4am because I start work at 5am. Then take adderall at 6am... is that too soon... then have lunch at 11:30 and take my Ativan then but thinking I need to space out my second Ativan for more closer to when the adderall where's off. Also asked my shrink for OCD medicine he's looking into it is there one that you guys recommend that I could take with the above listed drugs. One that is not Prozac also. No I haven't taken it with adderall ever but was on Prozac in the past and wasn't a good experience