last yr. my Dr. increased my effexor 75mg from 1 a day to 3 a day. I'm also taking 0.1 mg of clonidine 3 at night. Also last yr. I started taking Apo-Nortriptyline 25mg 1-2 at night. I'm also taking 3 clonazepam .05mg at night along with 4-25mg of Topiramate nightly. I take the clonidine, Nortiptyline, clonazepam and Topiramate at night to help me sleep. I take 3-75mg of effexor in the morning. I've heard that the Topiramate helps in regards to weight loss. Could you please let me know if all of the above have contributed to a significant increase of weight gain? Last of all, due to depression, I've not been physically active, which I know has effected the weight I've put on over the last year or so.