Yesterday I went to an afterhour and for the second time (first time being about 2 months ago) I accidentally drank from a bottle that surely contained a drug that I don't know about. For the first time, within a minute of drinking the water (which had a really acid taste that felt like it pierced my tongue), I started having intense visual hallucinations. My friends' faces were transforming into birds and animals, and the walls were melting. It lasted for about 4 hours before I went home. Yesterday, the same thing happened but the hallucinations were different and it only lasted 2 hours. When I got up after drinking from the bottle, time literally froze and I walked through the crowd but nobody was moving, and once I reached my friends everything continued. The hallucinations weren't really like the first time, the surfaces weren't melting, but I saw some people move some pianos and some tables. Things got blurry as well from times to times. There were also auditive hallucinations because I could hear the furnitures scrape on the floor. In the end I decided to leave because I was starting to see zombies. In both cases I was able to stay calm and to control the hallucinations, so I didn't have a badtrip and I didn't feel any other symptoms than the hallucinations. In both cases I was also pretty intoxicated (2 or 3 mdmas), but not feeling bad at all prior to drinking the unidentified bottles. I am 21 years old and I have no records of bad mental issues, except maybe for a little depression 8 months ago that I was able to overcome without antidepressants. My usual consomation of mdma is maybe once every two or three months, and rarely in the summer twice a month, but that only happened once before. I have never experienced a bad experience on mdma alone, I can easily sleep after a trip and don't have any heart palpitations.
My question is: what kind of drug did I take, and is it possible that I have a medical condition that could have triggered these hallucinations? I know I have to be more careful when I go out, but I want to know if these unfortunate events are a sign of a possible mental illness.
I am not totally worried because with rest, water and food I woke up feeling fine, but I'd like to have an educated guess on what happened.
Thank you for your time.