I filed for disability in September, only 3 months ago. I had to stop working in January 2013, I was diagnosed with Chiari 1 Malformation and Syringomyelia in 2001 after a bad car accident. (Chiari 1 Mal. Is where the cerebral tonsils herniate out of the skull into the spinal column, making the back of the skull press against and cause pressure to the cerebellum. Syringomyelia is cysts or syrinxes which form in the spinal cord, basically destroying the spinal cord from the inside out as they grow). I always suffered from headaches as well as not feeling correct temperatures in my hands and feet since I was young (about 9 years old). After giving birth to my daughter last January, my symptoms worsened and fast! I am only 22, but I suffer from severe headaches, dizziness, passing out, chronic fatigue, severe neck shoulder and back pain, numbness & tingling, as well as occasional joint pain, blurred vision (I've always had perfect vision so it really effects me), weakness and muscle loss. I'm currently in a wheelchair, if I walk more than 10 ft un-aided I get so dizzy I pass out, I can't bathe myself, and my handwriting is completely unrecognizable than it was 10 months ago. Luckily for my family, they have been coming to my home and caring for the home, my children, and myself (my fiancé is an LPN so he's used to this). With my health declining so fast and not being able to do anything or care for myself I have became depressed. I was diagnosed when I was 15 with anxiety and panic attacks as well as OCD. My anxiety has gotten worse as the daily stress of 'how am I going to pay the bills' as well as care for my children let alone myself, not to mention a lot of anxiety from being obsessive compulsive and not being able to do the things myself that I feeli have to do. I see tons of doctors- from my pain management specialist every week, to different neurosurgeons. The only treatment is surgery, but even then it's only a 61% chance that it will help just 1 of my symptoms, and a 20% chance it will help all of them (my current neurosurgeon who is the Cheif of Neurosurgery, said those statistics are due to possible permanent nerve damage) . So I should be getting the surgery done soon (Posterior Fossa Decompression surgery which is a craniectomy and they will also do a lamenectomy & duraplasty). Anyway, as I said earlier, I applied for SSD/SSI this past September. My Medicaid case worker needed information from social security so I could get recertified. When I called social security, the lady told me I was approved for SSI and should receive my award letter anyday. I asked about the SSD and she said they approve (or deny) SSI faster, and that I should hear about SSD "soon". So I was wondering, since I was approved for SSI will they automatically approve me for SSD? How does that work? And what is the difference between the two?