I see where a member in this group had a positive outcome using laser for BMS in England. Does anyone in the United States treat BMS with Laser? Please share if possible. Have had Idiopathic BMS for 4 years now. Unable to eat anything but home cooked, 'Bland' food. No seasonings, no salad dressings, no citrus, no ketchup, mustard, onions, vinegar, tomatoes, no delicious ethnic cuisines. Can only eat steamed or sautéed veggies, bland fish, chicken or beef, dairy. Chew gum, live sipping ICE water. Severe pain like everyone here. Lyrica helped me the most but due to intense insomnia and rapid weight gain, I discontinued. Tried acupuncture for a few months but no lasting effect and I've always found acupuncture helpful for other things I've had. Using Gabapentin now but at low dose 200 mg. at bedtime (higher dose knocks out my white blood count down below normal range) with a benzo per Oral Facial Pain Specialist who is very familiar with BMS. I flew out of state for evaluation with him two years ago. Any information on laser treatment appreciated. Have quit trying to locate any doctor and dentists to help me as all claim they've never heard of it... feel I've wasted time and money searching for help to no avail. The state I live in just approved medical marijuana but this BMS is not on the approved list of conditions allowed to treat. No surprise there. Considering how many people in USA have this, it's mind numbing how few professionals know about it. I believe up to 3% of Americans have BMS and in comparison, 1% have Rheumatoid Arthritis. Yet most professionals have heard of Rheumatoid arthritis.