My husband has been on Prialt for 4 months now and no one can give us any answers about these blank out spells. Blank out is what I call them. Such as he could try to feed the dogs and 20, 30 or more minutes can pass and he is just standing there leaning against something. Eyes shut and he does not feel it coming on. The other night I found him standing with the door open, half in the house. I don't know how long he stood there. The house was freezing. One evening I could not get him to come around and had to call the ambulance. Spent 2 days in the hospital, again no answers. The pain doctor says it is not the prialt. This does not happen every day. Sometimes he can go 2 weeks with no problems then we can have it happen 3 to 4 times a week. He loses hours and hours. All of this started after the pain pump was implanted and prialt. Please help. Doctors are doing nothing.