Hi there, I am new to this. I am a 47 yr old mother of 3. I have had some pain issues my whole life.I have migraines, Fibromyalgia since I was 22. degenerative disk Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease, a bad SI joint,chrondromalacia rt. patella, bursitis right side of hip and thigh, chronic pain syndrome rt side back into abdominal area going down rt. leg to me knee and foot causing numbness and tingling,osteoarthritis, osteophytosis, carpal tunnel(RT. de quervain tenosynovitis), several other problems. I have had chiropractic help done, several injections into my back near my l4-l5 area and into my SI joint also in my knee. Also use gabepentin, cyclebenzoprine, diazepam. mobic. a butrans patch,ambien, and oxycodone for break thru pain. I have had Major Depression disorder and chronic aniexty disorder and sleep apnea.. It sounds like I am a mess I know. I have tried everything out there, between pain medications, pt therapy, injections etc. They have sent me to a neurologist as well and the find nothing wrong. I do have a slight bludge in my L4-L5 area. I am seeing a Pain medicine doctor and getting no where. He isn't listening to anything I am telling him. I recently changed docs and had a very good one before this and now him. He has no idea what to do so now he is sending me to an occupational therapist on top of a physical therapist.. Can anyone help me find direction or how I can get some answers. I truly would appreciate the help!! The new doc just is taking away the small amount of pain meds that I am on for break thru pain. Plus I have told him they are no longer working as effectively as they once were and is there something else we can try. I was a working mother and loved it until they started taking away the little bit of help I had. I can no longer work due to the pain in back and hip thru my leg. Just feel helpless and hopeless. Any answers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.!