I have a very serious case of Crohn's Disease, and to date have had nine surgeries. I've had my colon, rectum, gallbladder and parts of my small intestine removed. I have a sensitive stomach; and have had obstructions from these long acting meds before. Nucynta ER was rough on my stomach and caused me to get blocked. I have a permanent ileostomy as well. Lately when I was taking the opana er 40 mg it was tearing my stomach up and causing wicked pain; but maybe it's because I was taking it wrong?! I was taking it with food always!! :( so if anyone knows if I can take it with an acid medicine it would be very helpful! :) I also suffer from pudendal nerve entrapment and the pain is very excruciating! I am going to see a new pain doc next Friday, and hope I can hold out until then!! Every minute is unbearable right now! God help me! Please help me! PNE is NO freakin joke!!! :'(