My lmp was 2-4-15 and it normally flows from 5-7 days and ranges from 29-32 days. Like in one my previous questions, I had intercouse on 2-15-15 that morning and the protection broke, my partner did have stuff in me and I took plan b the next day at 2:15pm. Now 2 whole weeks later, I don't recall having any side effects and don't even recall ovulating now that I think about it. I know I don't necessarily have to experience side effects, that's why it states "possible side effects". I know there's a possibility of having my next menstral late, which is due around 3-5-15, but what's the range of how many days it can be late? Then whenever my next menstral comes to make sure I'm in the clear of pregnancy, I want to start taking birth control, but I keep questioning if I should take the pills over the depo shot, any tips or suggestions?