... I was cardioverted three times, and finally put on Caridzem. My son came a month early, 6 weeks ago.. I met with my surgeon yesterday, so he could explain the ablation. He said, bad news..my extra pathway is snuggled up against my AV Node. He is going to do the surgery, but if it is where the Echo shows, he will back off and do nothing. I can't imagine living with this. I am 36 years old and can not walk around the block alone because sometimes I just pass out. My heart beats at 285 randomly, the medicine is good, but I am so tired. Explain that to a six week old. I just hope someone here has been told they have to live with it, and they are ok with that! My 6 week old, and my 13 year old have had wonderful EKG's, I hope it stays that way!