a bout of thrush (oral yeast infection). Waiting to see signs of this b4 I medicate myself with Diflucan, I have developed a very sore tongue and am developing blister like places in checks and inside my lips. Today is 1st day I saw the thrush on my tongue, so I started on the Diflucan. I have this often so doc writes for me to have enough to treat when needed. What is different is how sore my tongue is and the really sore throat. No sign of fever but glands are swollen on right side. Its like there are 2 things going on at once; Thrush w/ very sensitive tongue with sore throat and blisters in my mouth. I tried chicken soup but it hurt so much I switched to plain broth. Any swallowing is painful and it feels warm to the touch on the side that is swollen. I asked about hydrogen peroxide the other day and have since found it is safe to "swish" 50/50 with water. Swishing will not get to throat pain, and I think gargling my be too close to swallowing some of it. Bottle says to swish only. My tongue is covered, throat hurts bad and glands are swollen on one side. I think the Diflucan will help my tongue (never this painful b4). Liquids very painful and burns tongue. Tried hot salt water for gargling - OUCH!!! Does any one think I need antibiotics? Roommate has Amoxicillan, but I am not sure with all my other meds (14). Suggestions anyone? On top of everything else medically I have going on, now this pops up and is so much more worse than the normal oral yeast infection. I have tried a hot water salty mix to gargle for throat and cried it burned tongue so bad. I am painfully asking for suggestions, ideas, etc. Have a good evening,ChelleKay