I will try to keep my story short and sweet. I was prescribed Clonazepam .5mg 3x a day in February of 2011. I admitted myself to the psychiatric unit at our local hospital after starting Zoloft and having a major panic attack. I have struggled with anxiety for almost a year now (in December) and was using xanax (very sparingly) from December to February when I went into the hospital. I used the xanax maybe 3x in those couple of months.

I am VERY upset as I was not informed of how addictive Clonazepam can be, and the side effects, withdrawal, etc from the medication, upon being prescribed it. From February to mid July, I got myself down to .25mg 2x a day. I then had a major panic attack and admitted myself, again, to the psych unit. They put me on Zoloft, AGAIN! I cried and cried I pleaded to try a different SSRI, as I know there are many out there, and by this time, I was just desperate to feel better! They, however, insisted on the Zoloft, and increased my Clonazepam to .5mg 2x a day. I was on the Zoloft for 4 days and quit because I couldn't handle the side effects. Extreme nausea, dry mouth, sweats, burning feeling in my head. I have 2 small children, and am a stay at home mom, I didn't have time for that!

So now, I write to you all asking for your advice. I am currently tapered down to .125mg in the am and .125mg in the pm (total of .25mg a day) I read all the horror stories, along with the success stories, in weaning off the medication. I have been on since February 13th til today, August 21st, and am ready to be completely done. I see my psych tomorrow, but I dont feel he really cares. I am just "another patient" and what does my well being really mean to him? Nothing. (or so that's how I feel, sadly)

So, in your opinion, given the dose I am on, should I expect to suffer severe withdrawal symptoms? I know everyone is different. So far coming down to the dose I am on, I have gone for 2ish days feeling very nauseased, dry mouth, shaky hands, and then it tends to go away. Those are the initial days after I taper the dose down. I guess I am really worried something terrible is going to happen once this drug is no longer being put into my system. I am horrified of the seizure withdrawals, and to be honest, am fearful of death upon withdrawal from this medication. It sounds dramatic, I know. I have 2 small kids, and a husband that need me. All I want is to feel better, and be back to myself.

I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. This all came about, literally, over night. Two days before Christmas, I had an ongoing panic attack that literally lasted 6 hours, through waves of anxiety. It was horrifying, never having experienced such a thing before... Little did I know that was going to be the start of a very long journey. I have gone through a 2 weeks group therapy, and now am in DBT group therapy. I think I have some good coping skills as far as my general anxiety and panic disorder go. Right now, my biggest fear is beating this medication, safely and effectively. I do not want to rebound back onto it!

Any input would help, especially if you have been through a similiar situation!

Thank you all in advance!