First off i'm scared !!
I'll try to make this short. I have 18 years of soberity but due to a tear in my achillies tendon i started taking Norco a little over a year ago. It went from 5mg of 60 pills per month to 10mg to 120 per month, which the (120) was given to me about 4 months ago. All of this was given by a Doctor who knew of my fear of going on Norco in the first place. About 3 weeks ago i started cutting down on the 10mg, to maybe 2 or 3 xs daily (which i was starting to take 2 at a time 6 times a day) myself. I went to the Dr. last Wednesday and i was given the Oxycodone 5mg and have been keeping it to 3 no more than 4 pills daily, only 1 at a time, no more than 4 hrs. I'm i doing right? From what i understand the Oxy is a stronger pill than the Hydo.
For me Friday was a living hell!! Today is better. But can i, should i be taking one narcotic to get off another.
Any advise on how to get through the withdraws.
Again my goal is to get off the narcotics all together.
Thank you for reading and any advice.