I started with 37.5 mg for about 2 or 3 weeks, then around 75 for two weeks, and now have been on 150 mg for about 2 weeks. I don't notice any significant benefits, just a slight decrease in anxiety. I have suffered from anxiety, depression, and ptsd for quite a few years now. Medication is a last resort along with therapy twice a week. I also have mono right now which is really complicating things and making it hard to tell if I'm feeling less depressed because of how tired and all around crappy I feel. I want to stop taking the effexor because I'm extremely constipated, get dizzy, and have zero sex drive whatsoever and it's very difficult to achieve orgasm. The benefits just don't seem to be outweighing the downsides. But after reading these horror stories, I'm scared to even taper off. After only 6 or 8 weeks, am I likely to have severe withdrawal symptoms, from your opinion? Thank you for reading.