I went to the dr about 6 months ago in an attempt to get something that would help with my hot flashes and mood swings stemming from menopause. My dr prescribed veneflaxin. She explained that it is typically used for depression and since I didn't have a problem with that it should assist me with the mood swings. I'm was a little sceptic all but decided to try it. I admit the moods swings did get better but the problems started when I would forget to take the medicine for a few days( i.e dizziness, headaches shaking hands). I wasn't sure what triggered these and the light came on one day "maybe it's the men's". So for 2 days I decided to not takes the pills and the symptoms returned. Not liking this at all I decided to stop takings the pills. I'm feeling icky but not to the point where I can't function. i hate the way I'm feeling but is this healthy to just stop? I haven't been on the meds that long so I'm hoping the withdrawals will just eventually stop. Any suggestions Pa-lease???