I have been taking Effexxor for about 9 years. Noticed a weight gain. Asked my doctor for something else. He suggested Wellbutrin. Said it should help with my weight gain and maybe to quit smoking. My doseage was 150 mg a day. I took a 75 mg the next day after the appt, the 2nd day I opened the capsule and added about half of that to water. The 3rd day I started the Wellbutrin. The doctor did not seem like it was any big deal to stop cold turkey. Just people might think I was drunk. I have the zzzzzzz buzz in my head, not easy to balance myself and this throb every now and then in my temples. I am a vitamin fanatic and just read about Vit C and Fish Oil. Got up and took 5000 mg C and 1200 mg of Fish Oil. But that is my normal dose. So I guess per individual it all just depends on the time frame for withdrawals symptons... Right???