I'm so desperate for help. I've been taking Paroxetine to help with my anxiety and it helped alot. But as i have only been on these for 2 months i had to book an appt with my doctor if i wanted another prescription. I ran out and as ive been working a lot i haven't had time to go to the doctors. I haven't taken them for 5 days now and i feel awful. I have flu symptoms, constantly dizzy, feeling like im going to faint, pins and needles, i havent slept properly for days, ive been having nightmares and bursting out in tears. I hate having time off work but the way i feel i just want to crawl up into bed!!! It would seem the logic would be to just get another prescription but I don't want to rely on these tablets to make me feel better?! I want to stop it as early as i can!! But how long will these withdrawal symptoms last for? And what else can i take for my anxiety that doesn't have these horrible withdrawal symptoms :( Really desperate for some advice