I see people who took 4 pills a day and had withdrawals? Seriously is that true. Everyone I know or see that takes opioids as prescribed rarely have ANY type of withdrawal. I am not at all trying to down play any of your feelings. Try being prescribed 360 pills per month and then being gone in two weeks. The withdrawals are the worst thing ever. I’ve done this so many times and say I will never let it happen again. I do NOT take them to get high at all I take them strictly for pain. No matter the reason taken the withdrawals are real. I refuse to take something else that the withdrawals will be worse. I just need to know something that will get me out of bed after 3 days of being in bed. I’ve had these symptoms for weeks at a time. It’s the work sickness ever. Don’t let people tell you in a month it’s over because it’s not. Not unless you have only taken maybe 4 a day. Yes I need some help and the suggestions of ibuprofen etc do not do s thing for you. Somebody who really know s please help before I stay in bed forever.