i have been taking 250mg of tramadol for the last 10 years, i take them all together at the same time every single day.They have changed my life and me completely,awake most of the night then sleeping most of the day, i dont want to do anything else, just take my meds and chill out watching tv.I am so sick of living like this, so very tired of it!!! i tried to cut down by asking the pharmacist to only give me enough for 100 mg a day for as month, and altho i could manage fairly comfortably on this dosage i found myself taking 200mg for a "treat" then i didnt have enough to last the month so now ive left myself with only 50mg a day for a week until i get my next lot!!! i have made an appointment with the doctor to discuss a plan to come off of the tramadol, but in the meantime i feel like crap, aching, restless legs, unable to sleep, headache . cold symptoms, and diaharrea(sp). i wish id never started taking the bloody things, but i feel so angry that i was given no real warning about the addiction possibility, and lets face it ive more or less stuck to the reccomended dose!!! i dont know if im coming or going!!! Has any one got any tips for treating and coping with the withdrawals or do i just have to grin and bear it ???