... back surgery!! I understand that at this moment in time it is too soon! I still have to see my neurosurgeon on the 17th of Aug. & hopefully start physical therapy! I have L3-S1 fused together with Rods & screws in my back... this all started when I was 26 & the pain was unbelievable down my right leg... I have DDD, Retrolethesis, multiple disk protrusions, spinal stenosis, & I think thats it!! I know that most of it has been corrected, but there was the disc level above that my neuro left alone for fear of causing more problems.
Anyway, I have been on Lorcets since October of 2006... almost 3 years! I was very careful to not take a lot. Nerve pain is something that you cannot really get rid of anyway, so I only took enough to take the edge off so I could function. I have been on 10mg pills & take anywhere from 1-3 of them a day! I know that is very minor compared to some, but it has been every single day for almost 3 years, & when I go tool long without I start feeling very shaky & irritable!
I went through this whole withdrawl thing years ago with oxycontin... I was only on them for about 6 months but was taking like 80-100mg a day, I went through a detox center. It was so miserable I dont wanna go back. Not to mention I have 3 kids ages 13, 9, 6!! I need to be there for them at home & I am in college also!
I just need to know how I can do this myself without leaving the family or feeling like hell!!!
I want to be free of the meds, & my body is definately dependent on them!
Any answers will be greatly appreciated!
I have my Faith & am praying to the Lord that he may give me the strength but its hard.

Oh, I must add that for the last month I have been on Percocets. Every 4-6 hours as needed for pain. At first it ws 10mg pills and after about the 2 or 3rd week I started using the 5mg pillls. I am trying to taper off of those right now & switch back to the lorcets until I get through this recovery!
Again, Thanks so much & God Bless you all!