About two months ago I quit xanax, oxycodone, and other street narcotics. I was taking about 6-8 mg of xanax 2-3 times a week, about 60-90 mg of oxycodone 3-4 times a week, and used cocaine a few times a month. I would say this was the average that I abused the drugs but sometimes much more and sometimes less. I was on those medications for about 3 years. I finally promised myself to quit. I bought 4 suboxones off the street and tapered down. The last day I took any narcotic was June 18th. I have experienced withdrawal several times but this time I experienced something so scary that the thought of taking drugs ever again will never happen. The best way to explain what I went through was the symptoms of a schizophrenic. I did not know the difference between my dreams and reality. One night I thought people were watching my every move by satellite cameras. Even though that's impossible and my parents were telling me it wasn't real, I still believed it. I was scared to death. I believed that I was being blamed for a murder because I dreamed it. I thought the cops were going to kick in my door at any minute. I thought everybody from my town hated me and wanted to kill me. It was the scariest thing I have ever been through. This lasted for about a week and it started to go away. I then was able to look back and realize how stupid I was for believing any of that. I just never heard of this happening to anyone. I really thought that I developed schizophrenia. After it all went away I met with a neurologist and he said it happens a lot to people that abuse. Even though I don't think I need it, he put me on 100 mg of seroquel and 150 mg of welbutren. I still often think about what happened to me and I sometimes worry those symptoms will come back out of no where. Has anyone ever experienced this or has seen someone go through it? Am I okay now or could it come back even without taking drugs? I want to get off this seroquel because I gained 30 pounds but I'm scared of what might happen.