I just need help I had major back surgery on may 5th of this year they shaved off each disc in my spine and then put in 2 long rods and 14 screwsand they had me on norco 10/325 and I was taking them every 4 hours 2 at a time and then I started taking more and more because they were not working well I ended up regular vicodin and they didnt work so I would just take more and ended up taking around 27 vicodin in a 16 hour period I just want it to go away I just want to stop taking all these pills I hate them and hate what They have done to me its all I think about and im going through horrible withdrawal right now Im out of pills and I figured enough is enough and I'm quitting cold turkey and its just a horrible feeling I hate it! please if anyone has any suggestions it would be great thank you