Hey everyone, I was wondering about how long I should be expecting to be in a state of withdrawal from suboxone. For over 2 1/2 years I was using heroin. I used everyday without any breaks, my tolerance was through the roof at the end, I was using at least 2 grams daily before I stopped. I have been clean off heroin for 68 days yet I have been on suboxone film the whole time. I started off on 12 mg's per day then a few days later tapered down to 8 mg's, then for a couple weeks I was taking 4 mg's daily. The last 35 days I have been taking 2 mg's every 36-72 hours depending on how I felt. My last dose was 2 mg's 5 days ago. I have not slept at all in 5 days, I am sweating like crazy and getting the chills, I have severe restless leg syndrome, my stomach hurts, I am getting headaches, my bones ache, I sneeze frequently and can hardly move from my bed. I am not taking any other medications and do not know how much longer I can do this. Did anyone else taper down similarly and if so how long before you could sleep at night? Thanks