I am a 20 year old college athlete whom is struggling to get of prescription pills... I recently quit that and chewing tabacco at the same time... and might I add the withdrawal syptoms are not forgiving..:.I havnt slept in 4 nights due to restless legs... tomorrow is day 5 with nothing having gone cold turkey... anybody else going through something similar? anyone have any advice?.:..I'm desperate... everyone keeps telling me how close I am... but I feel so far... the only thing to make this go quicker is sleep... and I cnt even do that... the cold sweats and the
runs hav stopped... but the restless legs are still here and bother me all day and all night... it's hard to go to class and practice like this but
I'm trying to be strong... so if anyone out there has advice... please... please help... I sit up all nght and read these forums... figured I'd join one to see if anyone could tell me how much longer this will all last