... during the last 10 years for the treatment of Panic attack.
Since I was a little girl I have passed out during emotional moments. Later in my life, it was diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

Last year, my general doctor suggested other tests, searching for "other" physical causes. The anxiety was monitored for a psiquiatrist doctor.

As a last try, I had a monitor implanted. First time I fainted, the monitor did not show anything abnormal. Six month later, during a control, appeared a 30 second lapse of slow pulse. Finally, after an other similar episode I had a Pacemaker implanted.

Then, the doctor suggested withdrawal the Sertraline what I did, step by step (50, 25, ... etc) and now I feel horrible. Noice inside the head, problems with balance, feeling of sadness, crying, unger.
I am thinking in re-instate the Sertraline... your opinion?