Hello , I am writing to try and find out whether I'm experiencing withdrawal Syptoms or if my depression has come back with a vengeance . I had been on Klonopin , Cymbalta and a minor dose of seroquel (for sleep) for the last several months for depression, generalized anxiety and panic attacks . In May I started weaning off medications in hopes I could try and cope without them and also so that I could possibly start a family with my husband . I first weaned off Klonopin and went through a very difficult time but managed to get through it . Then I started to weak off of Cymbalta and and in a period of a month and half or so I went from 90mgs to 60 mgs ... Then dropped down to 30mgs and was told after a week by my Doctor to stop the med . It's now been about a week since I completely stopped the Cymbalta and besides experiencing severe phisiological systems ( Vertigo, dizziness, nausea , diarrhea ) the anxiety/depression part of it has become so severe to the point where it's become extremely unbearable ... I'm talking about suicidal, irrational thoughts ... And feeling like I can't concentrate , focus or function. I am just wondering if these feelings are part of the withdrawal styptoms ? I went on medication for anxiety and depression but my depression had never really been this bad . Also if they are part of the withdrawal Syptoms how long does it usually take to get better and also how/when should I know if it's Withdrawal Syptoms Vs. Depression coming back worse then it has ever been . If any one knows or can help I would really appreciate some advice . Thank you .