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Withdrawal from cymbalta& neurotin, what to do?

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kaismama 16 Jan 2015

Why are you trying to do both at once?

dualwdrl72 16 Jan 2015

I can't afford to pay for them.unemployed no health ins and may not be able to afford ins.I was paying over $400 a month. To have a $4000/person deductible per yr. Totally fed up with doctors that only treat symptoms not causes of problems and only one at a multiple issues...

balbanese 16 Jan 2015

What to do is consult your Dr and get help, you do not mention dosage or length of time on these, no matter, a good 2-3 months gradual or more just the Cymbalta, horrible if you try to rush that one.

dualwdrl72 16 Jan 2015

I am also currently in pain from a twisted ankle. In October. All they said was it wasn't broken. On 2nd visit asked for MRI just xrayed again. Tennessee drs don't listen!!!

balbanese 16 Jan 2015

Many do not, too busy, but many others do. Go slow if that's the circle of care you have.

dualwdrl72 19 Jan 2015

I've been on alot of antidepressants. I like the results compared to previous ones. But I feel like a bum asking for a drink or fix just to get them. Trying to stay level headed is very hard. If I could I quit everything. The neurotin is used for carpel tunnel from work related back to 1998. Refused surgery because of money/ time off work issues.and in both hands. Another long issue.

balbanese 19 Jan 2015

I understand. You could do yourself a favor and rather than have those weird feelings, approach it as asking for something necessary for your well being. We all need help with something, and while being in needs and having to depend on others can screw with our mind, our thoughts about it are something (one of the only things) we can control.

Just sayin'. I don't mean to insinuate it's an easy thing to change how we perceive our various plights, but it is a valid thing to state a lot of that is how we choose to perceive it. Hang in there, keep in touch. free discount card

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