I have been passed around like a hot potato, from dr to dr. Having to pay the high 1st visit fee, @ least 4x now, W/ the minimum being 150 dllrs up to 450 dllrs, just to get past the receptionist. I have been turned away because I was 45 dollars short. Ive had to go to the E.R., just to get X-Rays,CTR?,CAT scans, All showing the same thing, fractured spine,crushed disk,yadda yadda yadda,Pain! my last experience Im having, is I called my script to the pharm. yesterday at 8am. It is 10:30 am the following day.I had to call the dr.(receptionist), they are busy and will try to get to me asap(no insurance). So, my question is, if I have all the scans,xrays in my possession to prove my condition( if anyone asked ) can I buy my pain medicine over the Internet legally? I understand you take a risk of not being sure you know what youre getting, but I am not getting anything now. i am in pain and at my wits end w/ these dr's. I don't think they put patients 1st anymore. pls help