I've been on suboxone for almost 3yrs. I decided to stop, was taking 1-3 8mgs a day and just stopped. It's not quite as bad as methodone, but bad enough to complain about all time. So I went 11 days with out subs, diarea, sweats, chills, coudn't sleep, electric legs, toss n turn all night, fatigued, couldn't eat. Than I got in fight got cheek bone fractured so took 4 vikoden next day, then took a quarter of a strip of suboxone day after that& felt like I was gona throw up all day. Then a few days later took a very small piece of same film strip, and again the next day. My pupils are huge yawning again, it's like I started whole process over again. It's so hard to take care of kids&work all day. Plus fleeing dom. violence, not having place to stay to relax. I've heard people say that after withdrawing for so long & then taking sub for 2days gets rid of it. Not true I tried it! I need endorphines. Heard it can take 2 months before normal. So wuchya think. & I know its not just in my head, gota run to bathroom just went in pants. thankssssssss