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With a fentanyl patch, how do I take a shower?

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fairytailwing 27 Mar 2011

Hi there MKW51, You don't need to do anything except be sure and not take a hot shower. You can shower in warm, body temperature water with the patch on and it should not come off. Don't store your patches in the bathroom. They need to be kept in a room where the humidity is lower. And they don't need to be exposed to any heat source like sunlight or in front of a heater. Keep at a comfortable room temperature or cool area of the house. However, if you still want to take extra measures to protect your patch, I have worn fentanyl and other patches before and all I did was to cut a piece of film like Renolds Wrap or any other water proof material that you have in the house and cut it a little larger than your fentanyl patch and place it over the fentanyl patch, then tape around the film securely. I would use medical grade tape that you can get at any store that sells bandaid's, and it should be near or with the bandaid's. You probably already have some suitable tape in your house already. If nothing else, use plain ole tape to secure the film over your patch. Make sure that it is securely stuck to your skin also, and does not tear or come off when you move and stretch so you know it will stay on during your shower. But I wouldn't really worry about covering the fentanyl patch except keep a GOOD EYE on it to make sure it does not tear, leak, or irritate your skin. Apply it to your skin in a different area with each new patch and don't leave the old patch on with the new patch. I don't think you will have any problems with it. It is pretty simple to use and is very durable. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a better answer and any precautions to take while using the patch. I hope this helps and good luck with your pain relief. I am sorry to hear you have to use this patch because the FDA has recommended warnings on it and it's use. You can check it all out by going to and typing in "Fentanyl" in the search medications tab. I hope your pain is relieved soon and you recover well, without continued pain. Good luck and hang in there! P.S. : If your healthcare provider tells you different instructions than mine, please use their advice over mine. This goes for everyone at all times...

MKW51 27 Mar 2011

Thanks for all the good advice!!!

ElizaJane23 27 Mar 2011

You don't need to be afraid to use the Fentanyl patch. As long as you are using it correctly - not using extra, or trying to abuse them you will be fine. The FDA warning (back in 2007) was to warn people of the dangers of this medication if it were abused and is the same warning for all narcotics. This is serious pain medication - abuse it and it can take your life. Use it as directed by your doctor and pharmacist and you will be fine. free discount card

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