Hi there!

Okay, so I've never been on antidepressants before... I took my very first dose of duloxetine 30mg yesterday morning (11 AM) and everything was going good up until a little while ago... I had just woken up at nearly 6 AM when it happened and I'm not usually awake at that time, but I jolted awake (unusual for me) and my vision was all blurry, and my eyes were unable to focus. My vision quickly returned back to normal after sitting up in my bed, but it scared me. My heart was also racing a tad (maybe due to anxiety?) and I had this slight burning sensation in the left side of my chest. All of these symptoms, except the burning in my chest, went away after about 10 seconds of being awake. The burning lasted about 5-7 minutes. None of this has ever happened to me before and it scares me.

Should I stop taking the duloxetine or should I continue with it?