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Will you still loose, if your not that heavy, say if you only want to loose approx. 20 lbs?

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Marvell 19 Nov 2009

Are you referring to a medicine which will help you lose weight or just diet and exercise? Please add answer as a comment.

Smartchick73 19 Nov 2009

If you diet and exercise, you can lose weight, even if you are not that heavy to begin with. I would not recommend doing anything other than that if you are only looking to lose about 20 lbs. Most medications are only recommended for people who are very obese.

barbles2413 20 Nov 2009

I must say I agree with Diet and exercise. The otc pills and tv gimmicks are just that unfortunately we have to work harder at loosing it than we do at gaining it. It doesn't seem fair does it? Good Luck free discount card

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