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Will you get pregnant eventhough your taking provera regulary?

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silmarien 14 Sep 2011

Unlikely. Do you mean Depo-Provera, or just Provera? Either should prevent pregnancy, though you should ask your OBGYN if Provera is being used alone whether it's an effective contraceptive.

migie 14 Sep 2011

thank you for your helpful answer silmarien, im using just provera, by the way what's the difference between the two? also im using provera for my hormonal imbalance, is provera a contraceptive? this month i take 5 tablets starting sept 1 to sept 5 but until now i don't have my pms, im really worried... :( lasty i also take this antibiotic co amoxiclab starting sept 10 to sept 12 because i have a infection in my throaght... please help me... :(( im thinking of taking again 5 or ten tablets of provera again to have my pms. free discount card

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